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SDOHL Fall/Winter 2014-15 Season Registration Now Open

Posted at 08/11/14 - 10:29 AM

Registration has begun for both our Social and Select leagues for the Fall/Winter 2014-15 playing season.

Full information is available on this site under the respective league tabs.

Schedules for both leagues, complete season, has been posted as well to provide game night and time information.  

Please contact John Ling, or 303-502-4544, should there be any questions or further information needed.

Author: John Ling

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 Faction Media Wins Select League Summer Championship

From Select League Summer 2014

Faction Media swept the round robin series with their Select League rivals going 4-0 over the playoffs. 

Behind the steady goaltending of Steve Rupp, Faction defeated a gritty Biggie Wine & Liquor team 6-4 in the championship game.

Faction got goals from Andy Karofsky, Todd Harvey, John Forney (2), Matt Bitter, and Rusty Scott.  Forney’s second goal, with 14 seconds remaining in the game, was in an empty net as Biggie had pulled their netminder, Tim Havens, for a sixth attacker and a chance to send the game into overtime.

Biggie goal scorers were Rick Giampietro, Todd Haver, Jamison Wise, and Bill Veltri.  Veltri’s goal at 13:10 of the third period guaranteed an exciting ending.

Gretchen Winters captured some of the action.

Pickleheads Relish Victory!

The Pickleheads defeated Clockwork Orange 2-1 to claim the SDOHL Championship Cup for the Social league’s fall/winter 2013-14 season.

From Social League Fall/Winter 2014 Championship Game

The final game between two very similar teams was a very close competitive contest with exciting action at both ends of the rink. 

Ty Countryman opened the scoring for the Pickleheads with just 15 seconds left in the first, assists going to Jim Moffat and Tom Puschak.

In the second a clearing attempt by Pickleheads goalie, Tim Kmetz, was intercepted by Clockwork Orange defenseman Matt Cannon.  Kmetz was able to block Cannon’s point shot but Joe Mahoney was lurking in front of the net and netted the rebound at 10:20.

The third period featured some great action with both teams pressing for the win.  A penalty to Chris Valdez of the Pickleheads for tripping with just 55 seconds left seemed to provide the opportunity that Clockwork Orange was waiting for.  Clockwork loaded up their power play and forced Kmetz to make a number of key saves.

Jim Moffat, Pickleheads defenseman, turned the tables on Clockwork when he gained control of the puck inside the Picklehead zone then skated the length of the ice before ripping a hard shot from the top of the circle past Clockwork goalie, Steve Kyelberg, and into the top corner of the net.  There were just 19 seconds left on the clock.

Clockwork pressed hard for the final seconds but time ran out on their bid to force the Pickleheads to a final game. 

The Pickleheads went 5-0 in the playoffs defeating Clockwork Orange twice.  Clockwork had a good run at 3-2 losing only to the PIckleheads. 

Gretchen Winters captured some of the action. 

Over 40’s Win Select League Championship

From Select League 2013-14 Championship

The Over 40’s never trailed as they defeated Team Brew NQ 2-0 to take the Over 40 Select League Championship Bowl for the Fall/Winter 2013-14 season.

Paced by goals from Captain Dan Barrett on a wicked point shot 17 seconds into the second period and an insurance marker by Ben Little just over five minutes into the third, the Over 40’s played solid defensive hockey limiting Team Brew NQ to just 22 shots on goalie Tim Havens who registered his first shutout of the post season.

The Over 40’s went 4-0 in the playoffs with wins over Biggie Wine & Liquors 5-3, Team Brew NQ 4-3 in a shootout, Chien Bizarre 3-1, and Team Brew NQ 2-0 in the final.

Team Brew NQ, despite losing twice to the Over 40’s, had a good run in the playoffs defeating last year’s championship team, Chien Bizarre, 6-2 and the regular season first place team, the Bushwhackers 5-1.

Gretchen Winters captured some of the sights and scenes at the championship game.

An Exhibition of Hockey

From Colorado Mavericks Trip to Ontario, Canada

Denver players travel to Ontario, Canada to play.

Mike Fisher loves hockey, a game he grew up with in Cleveland, Ohio where his father was a sports writer covering the Barons of the American Hockey League.  Mike plays and follows teams with interest but his further passion is helping preserve the game.  Mike is a volunteer and patron of the Hockey Hall of Fame and spends a week every year working at the HHOF archive facility in west Toronto.

Last February Mike contacted me out of the blue.

“I’m told that you are the guy to talk to about Over 40 hockey players,” he said.  From there he unraveled a vision he shared with a contact he had in Newmarket, Ontario (approximately 40 miles north of Toronto) to have players, aged 60 and over, travel from Denver to Toronto/Newmarket to play not a tournament but in “an exhibition of hockey”.

“I’m not eligible I told him, I’m only 59.”

“Not a problem, we’ve seen you play,” he assured me.

I didn’t commit to the trip at that point but I think Mike knew that it would be increasingly difficult for a Toronto native not to find an excuse to play.  The timely birth of my first grandson in Toronto sealed the deal, I was in.

Mike set about making his vision a reality.  Armed with information on air fares, car rentals, and hotel costs he persuaded six players to make the trip.  Along with Mike were Bill Husson, Dave Lyons, Rick Milauskas, Todd Schuman, Greg Stultz and myself.

Collaborating in Ontario with Larry Smart and Lloyd Chambers, Mike arranged a four game schedule.  Two 3 on 3 games at the specially designed ice surface at Newmarket Arena and two regular games in nearby Aurora and Sharon, Ontario.  We borrowed a goalie and additional players from local leagues as needed.   The Colorado Mavericks, as Mike named the team, were set to play.

From Colorado Mavericks Trip to Ontario, Canada

Mike’s Hockey Hall of Fame connections, Phil Pritchard and Miragh Bitove, arranged for the Mavericks to tour the HHOF archive facility in west Toronto.  For any hockey enthusiast this is a treasure, a place where memories of the game are preserved.  The actual HHOF museum is downtown in Toronto and is the showplace (we all got free passes) but anything not on display there is in the archives.

From Colorado Mavericks Trip to Ontario, Canada

As luck would have it, the Toronto Maple Leafs practice facility is in the same complex and we were able to catch some of their morning practice the day before the Leafs home opener against the Senators.

And finally my son Scott graciously agreed to conduct a walking tour of Toronto for us.  There was really far more to see than we could walk to in 60-90 minutes however stops were made at the Eaton Centre, Nathan Philips Square at Toronto City Hall, and outside the Art Gallery of Ontario.    

From Colorado Mavericks Trip to Ontario, Canada

The Mavericks travelled downtown on Saturday night for the walking tour, a team dinner later on at Gretzky’s restaurant , and a short after dinner walk to see part of the Leafs vs. Sens game on the big screen outside the Air Canada Centre.  

Befitting “An Exhibition of Hockey” there was no official score kept of any of our games.  However, had it been, the Mavericks record would have been one win, three losses.  More importantly the games were fun, our Canadian hosts made us feel welcome, and the play while competitive was clean.

The 3 on 3 format games were my favorite.  Each team had six or seven skaters on the bench.  A buzzer sounds every 90 seconds signaling a shift change and the players on the ice must leave the puck while the next shift jumps off the bench to be the first to retrieve it and advance the play.  Even with the reduced size of the neutral zone there is plenty of room to skate and make plays.  The games were frenetic, fast, and exhausting.

Thanks goes out to all who helped make the Mavericks trip a success.  And particular thanks to Mike Fisher, who realized his vision.  It was indeed “An Exhibition of Hockey”.

Gretchen Winters took photos of our trip.  

Clockwork Orange wins Social league summer championship!

Sweeps double elimination tournament with 4-0 record.

Clockwork Orange proved their mettle in an exciting final game against Last Gasp after defeating both the Over 40’s 2-0, the Old Dawgs 7-5, and the Over 40’s in previous games. 

Last Gasp, despite losing the tournament opener to the Pickleheads 3-2, came back to defeat Faction Media 5-1, and then gained a measure of revenge by eliminating the Pickleheads 2-1 to advance to the final against Clockwork Orange.

The Championship game proved to be as close as the Social league Summer season had been with six teams finishing within 5 points in the team standings. 

Largely a defensive contest both Clockwork Orange and Last Gasp seemed content to wait for a break rather than open things up.  The first period ended scoreless with Clockwork goalie Steve Kyelberg looking for means to stay warm after just two shots on goal.  Last Gasp’s goalie, Brian Long, fared little better with only seven shots on net.

Early in the second Last Gasp drew first blood with Dino Hacker scoring at 1:02 from Paul Froelich.  This opened things up with Matt Cannon replying for Clockwork Orange at 5:39.   The rest of the period was scoreless but the intensity level began to rise as there was a sense that the next goal may be all it would take for victory.

Clockwork Orange took the lead 2-1 on a nice goal by Jay Rohrer from Jim Miles and Marie Kelly at 5:03.  Not to be denied Last Gasp elevated their game and tied the score less than three minutes later with Paul Froelich scoring from Bob McNamara and Dino Hacker.

Both teams pressed to gain the advantage however the remainder of the period was scoreless forcing a five minute overtime period.  Just 1:20 into the overtime Jay Rohrer found himself in from of the Last Gasp and scored the winner unassisted.

Congratulations to Clockwork Orange captain Garrett Ladd and his team:  Stephen Attard, Matt Cannon, Bob Desmond, Mike Ernstsen, Cliff Hall, Marie Kelly, Bill Kirschner, Steve Kyelberg, Fred Larochelle, Joe Mahoney, Jim Miles, Keith Molenhouse, Rich Parker, Jeff Pershin, Jay Rohrer, and Mark Swierczewski.

Gretchen Winters was able to capture some of the action.

 Team Brew NQ wins Select Summer League Championship

From Summer 2013 Select League Championship

“First they beat you, then they feed you after the game.”

Team Brew NQ capped a fine summer season where they captured both first place in the regular season standings and went undefeated in the double elimination playoff tournament.

In the fourteen games played by Captain Bob Fairfield’s squad they lost only once in regulation time to Chien Bizarre, the same team they defeated 6-1 in the championship game.

After a close first period which saw Team Brew NQ take the lead on a goal by Greg Scala, a couple of untimely penalties to Chien Bizarre lead to two Team Brew NQ goals by Mike Shanley and Rand Peterson in the second period.

Shanley completed the hat trick in the third period scoring twice before Chien Bizarre’s Todd (Boom Boom) Harvey finally got a shot past Team Brew NQ netminder, Graham Barber.  Jason Manning finished off the scoring for Team Brew NQ late in the third.

SDOHL Commissioner, John Ling, presented Team Brew NQ players with the traditional Summer Championship T shirts.   The league congratulates team members Graham Barber, Scott Douglas, Bob Fairfield, Erik Hoeger, Ray Kokinos, Jason Manning, James Mansfield, Rand Peterson, Mark Richards, Greg Scala, Mike Shanley, Shane Wakeland, and Ben Ziff.

Pictures courtesy of Gretchen Winters.

SDOHL Celebrates 3rd Annual Awards Banquet

The Fall/Winter 2012-13 season came to a successful conclusion with 80 league members attending the third annual awards banquet.

In opening remarks Master of Ceremonies, Keith Horstman, welcomed league members from both the Social and Select Over 40 Leagues along with their guests and supporters.  Keith restated the banquet’s purpose as a time to “inspire our friendships on and beyond the team’s benches” and to “put any on-ice grudges behind us and keep the game fun.” 

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

This year’s banquet was headlined again by Wayne Faust, a league member, who also happens to be an accomplished singer, songwriter, and author.  Wayne has entertained audiences in the U.S. and around the world for over thirty years with his unique blend of music and humor.  Wayne announced he was recording this year’s session for a CD he will be releasing later this year.

Wayne performed many of his favorite songs capping the night off with some help from league members singing “Bald Guys”.

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

Adding to the entertainment was a guest poet and vocalist, Dave Maney, who wrote both a poem about his goaltending and sang new hockey lyrics to Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. 

Before commencing the awards presentation Keith Horstman introduced League Commissioner, John Ling.  John observed that the SDOHL had experienced substantial growth to close to 200 league members, 13 teams, with hockey activity five nights per week. He thanked a number of people for their help and assistance over the past year. 

Mark Earnest and the ice arena staff at Foothills Ice Arena.

Megan, and Kari Cronin, Scorekeepers

Mike O’Connor, Scheduler with the Colorado Ice Hockey Referees Association

Dana Levesque, Web Site Consultant

Gretchen Winters, Photographer

Jon Guelzow, Biggie Wine & Liquors in Conifer

John also thanked each of the team captains for giving their time to provide leadership to their teams and support him in his role as Commissioner.

Paul Truex and Jay Herman, Biggie Wine & Liquors

Bob Fairfield, Blazing Dadds

Bernie Lafleur, Touchstone Imaging

Jim Maroney Jr., Select Over 40’s

Bern Levesque, Chien Bizarre

Steve Terlecki, Last Gasp

Wayne Faust, Pickleheads

Steve Riegel, Patrick Dolan, Faction Media

Jim St. Marie, Coyotes

Paul Schuette, Bill Pardee, Social Over 40’s

Marty Richardson, Mike Pijanowski, Old Dawgs

Tracy Vermeyen, Tom Mathews, B&K Supply

Rob Savage, Dan Grady, Clockwork Orange

Keith Horstman invited the team captains to come forward and present the Highly Valuable Player Awards.  Each team captain selects a player from their team to receive the award.  The HVP recognizes achievement, attitude, team play, and player development.

The Select League recipients were;

Jon Guelzow, Biggie Wine & Liquors

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

Bill Britt, Blazing Dadds

Manny Medina, Touchstone Imaging

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

Jim Anderson, Select Over 40’s

Matt Lanza, Chien Bizarre

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

The Social League recipients were;

Dave Seiferth, Last Gasp

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

Mike Maciolek, Faction Media

Dave Dunbar, Social Over 40’s

Brad Johnson, B&K Supply

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

Jim Moffat, Pickleheads

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

Liz Tucker, Coyotes

Mike Freeman, Old Dawgs

Jeff Pershin, Clockwork Orange

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

The next awards were for Top Goaltender, presented to the goalie with the best goals against average playing a minimum of ten games.

The Select League recipient was Mike Robuck who played 12 games for Touchstone Imaging, won 7, lost 5, goals against average of 2.42 per game, a 91.8 save percentage, along with two shutouts.  The award was presented by Dave Maney, last year’s recipient.

The Social League recipient was Tim Kmetz who played 19 games for Faction Media, won 9, lost 10, goals against average of 2.74, a 90.9 save percentage, and one shutout.   The award was presented by Al Sterner, last year's recipient. 

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

The next awards were for Top Playmaker (most assists), Top Goal Scorer (most goals) and Overall Points Scoring (goals and assists).  Ben Little presented the awards.

The Select League recipient for Top Playmaker was Bern Levesque of Chien Bizarre.  Bern played 16 games collecting 19 assists to lead the league.  Bern placed second in overall scoring with 40 points.

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

The Select League recipient for Top Goal Scorer and Overall Point Scoring was Steve Cobb of the Over 40’s.  Steve played 15 games scoring a league record 34 times and adding 14 assists for an overall scoring total of 48 points.

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

The Social League recipient for Top Goal Scorer was Mike Pijanowski of the Old Dawgs.  Mike played 15 games scoring 27 times surpassing his league record of 26 in 2010-11. Mike added 12 assists to place third in overall scoring with 39 points.

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013

The Social League recipient for Top Playmaker and Overall Point Scoring was Marty Richardson of the Old Dawgs.  Marty recorded a league record 26 assists along with 19 goals for a league record of 45 points surpassing his record point total of 43 in the 2011-12 season.

From SDOHL Banquet April 2013